About Us

By investing in WITHorg, in time or resources,  you are making a difference in the lives of women and positively influencing the economic development and education of the future of our world.

Become a member of the organization! Join the movement, join the future,  make a difference.

  • Women in Tourism and Hospitality (WITH) gives back.  We believe in social responsibility as an integral part of the company. Promoting equality is about making sure everyone has access to opportunities, regardless of gender, nation, or family circumstances they are born into.
  • You can launch within your country, city, business, or school.



WITH is expanding globally to identify new advisory partners, and provide its members with even more networking and capacity; building opportunities.


WITHorg operates as a network of collaborative-curated community members, who all use the network to leverage platforms for leadership and expansion of women’s training in removing barriers towards an equal society.


WITH GLOBAL’ s main responsibility include the development of a global network.


WITH GLOBAL will facilitate the expansion of the network across North America and beyond and build a Global network of 1 billion women by 2030.

Empowering women and closing the gender leadership gap are imperative for companies and women that want to perform at the highest level. That’s where WITHorg.com comes in. Our programming helps women connect with peers and organizations, access resources for professional or personal growth, and results in moving the needle faster on gender bias pay equality.

Women will learn how to scale, negotiate, have fierce conversations, and take the lead. Professional women will gain an understanding of what makes sense for them, according to where they are in their career cycle, and how to will develop themselves further.

WITH is a two-way collaborative organization, meaning you will either take advantage of the mixed media and live opportunities to grow your skills and yourself, or better yet, you will offer your mentor skills to others by giving back in a first world or third world country.


Spheres of influence you will have access to or be providing to others include:

  • Education – access education on line, through webinars and at events
  • Health – learn how to maximize health of yourself and others
  • Legal – gain insight into setting yourself up with the best legal foundations
  • Finance – grow with increased access to capital and tools of the trade to assist yourself, your business or your professional role
  • Awareness – campaigns to close the gender gap
  • Participate in conferences and small individualized summit boot camp events to learn, inspire, motivate, innovate and remove barriers
  • Networking Technology – peer to peer “BFF” profession matching
  • Global Experiential Travel and giving/learning/sharing trips to Third World Countries with curated give back and learn opportunities
  • Digitized, authentic stories captured through case studies; we share the successes so you can share in the learning and inspiration
  • Love – giving time and resources to assist families and individuals with autistic children and child-adults, through creation of jobs, entrepreneurship, advocating, educating and investing in innovative residential living residences.


WITH Giving Back Social Responsibility is an integral part of the company.

WITH drives the movement of misfits, problem solvers and crazy dreamers.  Any problem can be solved. Bring your idea to life. Join the future.

  • The WITH Foundation is being launched to support the economic empowerment of women and their families globally. Through mentorship and entrepreneurial opportunities and education, the foundation invests in the success and sustainability of women in business.
  • We believe that women who have access to capital will launch innovative business concepts faster than the current rate and achieve financial independence. Authentic ideas to change the world can only be deployed if women are given the tools and support to launch their ideas into realities. Whether you live in Africa or India and need help to get your hotel off the ground, or you live in Toronto and have the next big mobile tech idea, WITH wants to support women lead business who innovate.
  • Special Needs Dreamworks-The Alexandre Foundation – WITH gives back by helping parents in the funding of of unique integrated independent living homes and communities for special needs people with autism and or developmental delays and complex needs.
  • We believe that special needs people have a gift, which has an important and transformative effect. Helping each one of us to become more fully human and help others that are less fortunate, helps to humanize our entire society.  We genuinely believe that to influence in such a way the life of others confers on people with developmental disabilities the status of citizens who contribute to make our society a better place to live.
  • Making a difference– giving back -profit reinvestment will be tracked and measured. Our stories of successes and innovation of overcoming challenges and barriers will be shared with all members. Dream, inspire, change the world.


WITHorg. For equality – pass it on.